Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Boiler Suit

I love the boiler suit and everything it symbolises. I personally feel wearing a utility style boiler suit shows off the hard working and ambitious females we all are. And that women can take on any 'mans job' as Fuchsia Shaw the amazing brand behind this boiler suit says. I was inspired to write this blog post after reading this months Vogue and seeing a headline "Down tools, the effortless, powerful style, there's nothing like a boiler suit". 

I purchased this boiler suit towards the end of last year so it isn't a 'trend' I have been following or styling too often, yet. I spent several weeks justifying, and making sure I was investing my money into the right piece this season. As you may know, I am trying to be really cautious with what I buy, how much, and how often I purchase. It really is something, especially as a fashion focused student, I want to have a better understanding of  (maybe a blog post coming soon??).


This boiler suit designed by Amy for her amazing brand Fuchsia Shaw (that I think I will be forever obsessed with)  is a tribute to working women's in WW2 coveralls cutting the shape with femininity in mind, tapering the leg, clinching the waist but keeping those practical details with chest and leg flap pockets (A personal favourite of mine).

Here I have styled this boiler suit wearing white trainers as well as my Fuchsia Shaw quilted wool jacket (told you I was obsessed). A boiler suit is so versatile to style up or down. I love this boiler suit with chunky trainers and a light coloured turtle neck underneath, all the way to high heeled boots and contrasting coloured bag. 

Although this boiler suit has now been sold as only a limited amounts are made, there is so many alternatives on the high street as well as high end. Personally, I think I would invest in one for Winter and one for Summer as the fabrics are often very contrasting and I can imagine this cord fabric won't work too well on a hot summers day. However, a light linen boiler suit with the similar idea of chunky trainers (I am not leaving the chunky trainers trend just yet) would work really well.

What do you think about boiler suits? Do they make you feel as empowered as they do me?

Click here to check out Fuchsia Shaw. 



  1. You look fantastic in your boiler suit!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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