Monday, 21 January 2019

How I Feel About January and The New Boux Avenue Active Range!

January! Not the easiest month in my opinion and definitely a month full of expectations and possible self disappointment. As I am writing this it is currently 'Blue Monday' which is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year, However, with no specific backing and made in 2005 by a travel company (mmmm maybe to book a holiday ??) so I wouldn't take that one too seriously. Saying that January can be hard for many reasons, its cold, its raining and did anyone else also have snow recently?? The days are also a lot shorter (anybody else ready to pop into bed at 5pm?). 

In December I did the typical of setting myself new years resolutions, and if I'm being honest I haven't really even started them and well that can make you feel a little bit down... January is full of hope, new starts and full blown healthy eating and exercising (what about all the left over Christmas choc still?).

If you read my new years resolutions in my previous post here you will know I set myself the goal to start running more and create a healthier lifestyle, which I have. However, I am not running every day and sometimes not even once a week, as life and uni just sometimes gets in the way. This then leaves me feeling guilty and makes me feel like my January hasn't been the BOOMING month we all expect. Which made me start questioning who made us set all these new resolutions and made us want to start off the year on such a high.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is January is a hard month, it's okay to not have the kick start into the new year that you thought you would have. As we really have 12 months time to work on our goals and ourselves. 

This month I have been working with Boux Avenue on their 'Share The Confidence' this is their main message in their new SS 19 Active Range, which you may have seen me talk about on Instagram. This month Boux Avenue wants you to feel confident in yourself and give others that boost too. This new campaign promotes confidence and healthiness in an attainable, sustainable and fun way that feels right for each individual.

Boux Avenue's new Active Range is amazing to brighten up your month with their amazing different prints and styles (personal favourite is the snake print!). Even if active wear is your thing to lounge around in or run errands in, Boux Avenue has something for you. It's not all just for the gym!

As always you can use my code 'Hannahwboux20' for 20% off all Active Wear range this month as well as all of their new in range!! You can also use this link here to shop their website.

Let me know how you feel about January and what you find perks you up?

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