Saturday, 29 December 2018

2018: A Short Review and My New Year Goals

Wow what a year! I can't believe we are at the end of another year again. It only seems like a few months have passed since I wrote a blog post similar to this last year. It has been a crazy year starting second year of University, travelling on holidays, working with new brands and new companies on exciting projects and becoming a Boux Avenue Student Ambassador. So similar to last year I thought I would do '18 highlights of my 2018', I loved looking back at my 2017 and remembering everything I was proud of, a really good idea for reflection in years to come.

1. Finishing my first year at University with overall First (wish it was included in my final grade!).

2. Creating my first tailored jacket, a piece I was really proud and happy to have finished.

3. Becoming a Boux Ambassador, I had known about the scheme for nearly a year and was so desperate to work with them.

4. Re decorating my room exactly how I wanted (small but I really love it now).

5. Buying my first Vivienne Westwood Dress, I had awed over these for such a long time.

6. Getting a job at Sandro in Harvey Nichols, even though I am now leaving to focus more on University, I was so proud of this moment, a big step up from Topshop!

7. Three of the most amazing holidays ever with Jack, Grenada and Amsterdam were two of my favourite places (and very different).

8. Celebrating two years with Jack in summer and our third Christmas together.

9. Managing a 13-hour flight, I wasn't a pro flier and this was a proud moment. 

10. Working with so many amazing brands and collaborations like The Body Shop and Danielle Wellington.

11. Visiting the Azzedine Alaia- The Couturier exhibition.

12. Graduate Fashion Week- this was an amazing day and I loved getting inspired and seeing everyone's work.

13. Another year of blogging, still a passion I am carrying on with despite my work load.

14. My 19th birthday with Jack, we celebrated in Amsterdam once my deadlines were over.

15. Snow days! at the beginning of the year we had so much snow and we were snowed in quite a few times, I loved these days.

16. Getting more confident driving, a huge one now I've been driving over a year and it gives me so much freedom, I just love it.

17. Working really hard at University, it has been a struggle in the second year so far but its been a highlight how far i've come, now onto the next term!

18. Discovering my personal style a little more and caring more about what clothes I am buying. 

It's been a great year and I am so excited for next year as there is so much to come like placement year, which could bring me so many new opportunities, working with different brands and companies and expressing my inner creativity even more!

A few of my 2019 goals...

1. To secure an internship, I really want to do an internship next year and have found this process difficult so far, so is definitely a goal of mine.

2. To carry on working with different brands and companies to help further progress my creativeness and share that on my blog and Instagram.

3. Create a better lifestyle for myself now that I have a little extra time with no job. Start yoga and running again on a weekend with Jack (a typical new years goals, but when is a better time to start??)


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