Tuesday, 11 September 2018

What I Wore In Grenada

It's official, all my summer holidays have come to an end it's now winter, right? maybe not quite yet. I have had the most amazing summer this year and I feel it is only right to document some of my holiday clothes and outfits I wore on this holiday here on my blog. If you are wondering where I stayed in Grenada one of my favourite bloggers Em Sheldon wrote an amazing detailed blog post all about Grenada and the hotel I stayed at, you can check that out here. You can find links to my outfits that are still available under each photo if you're interested.

Dress- Missy Empire (gifted)
Shoes- Topshop Last Year  
Bikini- Missy Empire  (gifted)
Bikini- Topshop Last Year

Swimsuit- Primark
Shorts- Topshop Sale

Bikini- Zaful
Dress- Sandro Paris
Bikini- ASOS 
Trousers- I Saw It First 
Bikini- Zaful
Bikini- Jeffrey Boutique 

Bikini- Zaful

Dress- ASOS 

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