Monday, 20 August 2018

How I Feel About Body Confidence

Black lace body from Boux Avenue
I was inspired to write this post after seeing endless tweets every night when I am scrolling  down my twitter feed of everyone talking about the girls (and guys) bodies and appearances on love Island. I am sure you will agree with me that there is lots of talk around this subject every night and I am sure you don't need me to highlight any of these tweets as they are literally popping up every time I scroll down my twitter, and I am sure yours too. Not only do I see tweets about Love Island but also the general thoughts we all feel when maybe we haven't eaten too well that day or haven't worked out this week (or for the past month). At this time of the year we are all working towards that 'summer body' and it made me question what is that summer body and why are we all so desperate to get one?

'Zoe' set in green from Boux Avenue
Seeing these tweets doesn't bother me too much but it does make me think how these people value themselves when they are comparing themselves to people on tv every night. Being body confident is a very taboo topic. There is a lot of mixed opinion on what's healthy and what we should promote as the 'perfect body' as well as being too vein or too confident. I think if you're body confident it doesn't mean you're vein or think of yourself too highly, it simply means you feel good in the body you are in and you love yourself for you. I definitely have my own down days and I am sure we all do but I am happy to say that I realised loosing weight or doing endless squats every night wouldn't change the way I feel about myself and the way I look at myself. It is all about how we look and see things through our own minds, here are a few of my favourite quotes...

'Admire someone else's beauty, without questioning your own'

' The problem isn't with your body, the problem is what you think of it... and what you think of yourself '

'Loving yourself is the greatest revolution'.

'Zoe' Bra from Boux Avenue 
So, maybe next time when you're not feeling too good just remember that you don't have to change the way you look to feel good about rather than just change the way you think. It is normal for us to not feel great everyday but you should also appreciate and look after the body you are in. One of my favourite ways to get my sass back on is to treat myself to new makeup, new clothes or lingerie. Boux Avenue have some amazing sets and pj's that make any girl feel like they can rule the world. If you don't believe me check them out here.


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