Monday, 9 July 2018

1 Blogging Year Later...

It is officially 1 year since I started my little blog! how time flies. I am super excited that I have been really working on my own content and creations for a whole year now. With over 30,000 blog views over the past year I could not be happier with how things are going. This year I have been able to work with and been in contact with so many brands, it truly has been fab. I am only just starting out in this world of work, so its lovely to be talking 1 to 1 with brands and building relationships (even if they are small ones compared to some major bloggers!). I have said  from the start that my intentions aren't to be a 'blogger' or an 'influencer' but more a content creator and showcasing what I can do and what I love. Although I have had my blog for a year I haven't actually started publishing all the work I want to be showing you, hopefully this will all come in year 2 of University and as my confidence grows. 

I have had some highlights and lowlights in the past year and I am happy this still carries on as one of my hobbies even if I don't post as often as I wish, because believe it or not I really underestimated how much time and effort goes into every post! Different times of the year are more busier for everyone especially when studying alongside. However, 72 blog posts later and several more instagram posts along the way, I am doing okay!

Some lowlights I came across were mainly lacking motivation. I really tried to post at least 6 times a month but in April and May I only posted twice. Over the past year I have also deleted a few posts as I felt I hadn't put my time and energy into them like I had the others. Over the past year  I have seen quite a few people start blogging but have only posted once or twice and then called it a day. I can understand this as the initial excitement wears off when you realise how much time it takes just for one post! 

And for some highlights.... where do I start. I have worked with some amazing brands that I have loved for a long time such as Rag and Doll, Tropic Skincare, Candy Kittens, Benefit Cosmetics and Coconut Lane just to name a few. I also believe its really helped my in my personal career and has helped me get jobs and and boost my CV.

Thank you for reading my blog and here's to the next year.... 


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