Sunday, 3 June 2018

My First Year As A Fashion Student

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The time has come where I am writing up my first blog post rounding up my first official year as a fashion student on an undergraduate degree. WOW has it been a year of shock, fun and stress! It has been quite a rollercoaster of a journey from my first day. I have learnt so much and also pushed myself more than I thought I could. I wrote a blog post over 5 months ago now summing up my first term as a fashion student, you can read this here. I mentioned briefly in this post how my first year doesn't count towards my final grade which is still the case, so I can only imagine the more stress and pressure I will feel as I head into year 2 which I am sure I will document on here too.

I am super happy with my term 1 and term 2 grades and can only hope I keep this up and improve over the next few years. Several months ago I also wrote a post about staying organised at uni. Over summer I still want to carry on this series about my best uni tips as I have had feedback on how helpful it is!  Since finishing uni and in between currently working (which is my first tick off my summer goals) I started a second Instagram account where I can share primarily my fashion work and inspiration, you can follow this account here if it interests you. I love following Instagram accounts that post so much inspiration, I love being inspired to create a design new ideas.

Image taken from Pinterest 
I have started sharing images that are inspiring me in my most recent designs. I mentioned in my summer goals post I wanted to create a mini collection this summer and that is well under way and this account will be where I share my inspiration, designs and the final images which I have planned to photograph in September. I also want to start sharing images of my first and second year work on this Instagram account. 

Image taken from Pinterest 
Being a fashion student is more challenging than I thought it would be never mind from the opinion of someone who has never studied fashion. Constantly keeping up with trends and making myself aware of the social implications in the fashion industry. It is challenging and so much more than what a lot of people think but when you truly love something like fashion it becomes a lifestyle and feeds into every aspect of your life. Until year 2 I will now be working for Sandro Paris over summer as well as working on my personal designs and collection. 


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