Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Interviewing Fashion Graduates

Rehearsals for the GFS.
Last week I volunteered at the Huddersfield graduate fashion show, it was such a fun experience being able to see all the final years work all together. I helped with rehearsals, back stage and dressing. Before the rehearsals started I managed to get a quick chat with some of the designers and asked them a few questions that I thought would be interesting for first year students and even second year students getting prepared for placement and final year. So here we go...

Rehearsals for the GFS.
What have you found the most challenging throughout your University experience?

The answer that kept appearing when I asked this question was time management. Through my own experience I know that time management was very challenging and something you need to be good at from the start.

Behind the scenes of the GFS.
What are your plans for the future now?

At a very stressful time the general reply I got was just to graduate. This was just before the show so they were hoping for a successful show and then to graduate. A few students mentioned they had got jobs from their placements and will be carrying on working there after graduation, some were taking some well needed relaxation time and others were about to start their travelling adventures.

Behind the scenes of the GFS.
Finale of the GFS.
What do you wish someone had told you on your first day at University?

A few students mentioned to me they wish they knew to start saving money in the first year. Buying fabric and supplies can get expensive really quickly especially in final year and your student loan does not always cover this. This was definitely a point I hadn't thought about but looking back I even spent quite a lot on simple things like sketchbooks and software in year one. Also learning whats the best way you can manage you stress, of course doing any degree is stressful but it will work to your benefit if you find ways that you can manage your stress before it all comes your way. However, It is rewarding as I was told, it is a lot of work time and effort but in the end it all pays off when you see your designs walking down the catwalk.

Behind the scenes of the GFS.
If you did a placement year how did you find it? Did you find it challenging to find a placement?

Lots of students have told me placement year was really fun and its exciting to be in a new city if you spend a year or a few months away from home. I was also told not to be disappointed when it comes to placement, you might not find the one for you but it is all an experience we can learn from! Also have fun at placement its an insight to what career you may end up in, but you can also help get the most from your placement if you do your research and I think that is really a key point.

Rehearsels for the GFS.
Where do you go for information and inspiration?

Many students told me you will live in the library and the books, journals and software will become your closest pal! As well as visiting galleries, sculpture parks, graduate shows and other end of year shows for different Universities. And for me personally I like to look at other students work and Instagram accounts!

Rehearsels for the GFS.

How do you showcase your work? 

All the students I spoke to had a separate instagram account to their personal account. I was also told it is really important you try photograph and document all your work the best you can. Get involved with different talks, attend different events and show people the work you are doing. I was also told to have business cards and caRry them around with you especially when you are about to graduate. 

I hope you found these questions and answers helpful whether you are just about to start your University experience or interested about other peoples opinions.

Please note- The images shown in this blog post are the final year students of The University Of Huddersfield 2018 and I do not take credit for any of the work shown.

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