Saturday, 12 May 2018

When In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Streets
Last weekend me and my boyfriend took a little get away trip to Amsterdam. I had never visited Amsterdam before and now it is one of my favourite cities ever! I loved how it was only a short 50 minute flight away but felt like I was really escaping to a new world for the weekend. We spent the whole time while we were there relaxing and exploring this city. Through miles of walking we discovered some pretty cool places. So, I wanted to put together some of my favourite photos to share a few places we discovered and loved.
The Student Hotel City
Firstly, we stayed at The Student Hotel (city). It was super quirky, fun and made our stay that little more special. I love going away knowing the hotel is cute and individual especially without being over charged. It also definitely had its photo opportunities too as every corner it had something really original and quirky.We also discovered a huge Roy Lichtenstein inspired wall, which was pretty cool. The hotel was located right next to a metro station but was only a short walk into the city centre which was perfect!
The Student Hotel (City)
Of course, when visiting Amsterdam there is the more typical tourist places that I do agree you have to see! We did go to the  'I Amsterdam' sign, Ann Franks house and the Museums etc. But honestly, most places you discover in Amsterdam are so photogenic and the city in generally so insane. Like they say Amsterdam is one of the best cities to get lost in.
We came across Blushing Café  before visiting the Moco Museum (post coming soon). They did really lovely breakfasts and brunch and was an all round lovely place to pick up something to eat and obviously Coffee (this trip was fuelled with coffee).

A really popular café in Amsterdam in Pluk, I saw them on Instagram before I visited and it looked super cute and local. They have two cafés located really close to one another right in the centre so if one was busy you could always pop to the other however, we didn't have a problem with places being too busy. And of course, I had to get the unicorn smoothie bowl, it tastes as good as it looks!

Wake me up when I'm famous bench 
The bench with the saying 'Wake Me Up When I'm Famous' is a really famous location to take photos in and we happened to walk past it one day and decided to snap a little photo in-front of it. Although, this photo is cropped at a funny angle and you can't see the full text so, I don't think I got the right idea.

Sticky Fingers Café
Another really cute Café we went to was Sticky Fingers. They had the best aesthetics ever and everything was pink! I posted a few other pictures on my instagram so if you're interested you can check them out here. This was another perfect coffee stop after we had walked through the park.
This was one I definitely saw lurking around my Instagram before I went and I was super intrigued to visit. Koala Republic was located a little out of the main centre but we were keen to discover new places that weren't so touristy. This place was so cool and fresh, I really wish we had eaten here as well as getting coffee but we were just too full (we ate our way around this place).

Koala Republic
I am obsessed with this city and wish I could go back already! As I mentioned previously I will be writing up a separate blog post about the Moco Museum so that I can document the exhibitions I saw. If you're interested in this, this should be up soon!


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