Monday, 28 May 2018

Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein- The Moco Museum

When in Amsterdam we were lucky to be able to visit The Moco Museum which had two amazing exhibitions on, one being Banksy and the second being Roy Lichtenstein. I love being able to document exhibitions I see, on my blog for my own purposes so I can refer back to them and also so that other people can see the exhibitions if they were not able to see them in person.

The Moco Museum is a fairly new museum being only a few years old, located in the most beautiful building. The Banksy exhibition was located at the top of the house and the Roy Lichtenstein met halfway down the house. Both exhibitions were amazing and I was particularly intrigued by all of the Banksy work. It was amazing to see so many variations of their work from all over the world in one location. Especially Banksy, as we all know how much mystery is behind this artist.


Roy Lichtenstein


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