Tuesday, 24 April 2018

19 Things I Have Learnt In 19 Years

Today, I am officially 19 years old (happy birthday to me!). In celebration of turning the age of 19 I wanted to do a short blog post telling you 19 things I have learnt in the 19 years I have been around. I admit 19 isn't a grand old age however, I have certainly learnt a few things through my teenage years...

  1. Failing is OKAY.
  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't as scary as it seems. 
  3. Your parents are right 99% of the time (thanks mum).
  4. Put passion into everything you do.
  5. Time WILL heal.
  6. Friends will come and go but that is okay!
  7. Document everything you do (photos, videos and blogging!!) you will appreciate it at a later date.
  8. You are not alone.
  9. Its okay to say no sometimes.
  10. Not everyone is going to like you nor are you going to get on well with everyone.
  11. Drinking is overrated.
  12. Don't give up.
  13. Don't compare yourselves to others (especially on Instagram).
  14. Everything happens for some reason.
  15. Start saving money ASAP.
  16. Love yourself and everyone around you.
  17. Forgive yourself and others.
  18. People change and so will you.
  19. Be happy with nothing.


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