Saturday, 31 March 2018

Long Time No Speak- My Summer Goals

I mean, its hardly been a lifetime since I last posted on here. But, It is the first time since July that I haven't posted at least 6 times. I love my blog and it is an area of my own thoughts, style and experiences. Recently, I have been run off the walls with university work and sickness. Finally, this all seems to be coming to an end and summer is in sight, and I just can't wait. Throughout summer I still want to carry on working on my blog as I get so much personal joy out of it and its allowed me to work with so many amazing brands as well as make so many friends along the way.

I have a whole list of things I have planned for this summer and I found myself the other day jotting these down so, I thought why not document these here on my blog post. I definitely do have a few things noted down but I am very determined to have a productive summer ready for my second year of university. 

1. Re decorate my bathroom and bedroom

If you know me then you will know I honestly must change my room up every few months. I love interior design and it was a career path I thought about going down once. With my brother moving out at the end of summer I will have a lot more room to move things around. So, on my list for summer 2018 I want to re decorate and create an environment that I am inspired working in. I have to say, I have already started picking out paint colours and picking out a few new prints so this one will definitely be a summer project happening.

2. Create my own mini clothing range

I want to make sure through summer that I carry on developing my skills by creating my own mini collection. I have already purchased a mannequin so that I can start playing around with different fabrics. I am excited to go fabric shopping and choose fabrics that I would love to wear instead of fabrics to fit a brief for uni submissions.

3. Travel

It is on everybody's summer list to travel. I would love to travel more than I am but with university and my never ending list of what I want to accomplish it is not very realistic. However, I already have Amsterdam booked at the end of April and the Caribbean in September. I am looking forward to seeing where else I may end up this summer.

4. Get a Job 

I recently left my job to focus on my degree but now that summer is around the corner I need some way to pay for all of my summer goals. I am hoping to get a job in retail, preferably in an area that will help me with my placement year.

5. Work on my Blog 

As well as working on my university skills I want to try work on my blog as much as possible. Documenting my interior design flare and my design work as well as my holidays and trends I have been lusting over. I have lots of ideas planned but, I guess it is just time, and as soon as I have that I am sure I will not stop documenting. 

6. Build my experiences 

Something that I have always been thinking about since I started university is my placement year. Hopefully, this summer I can build my knowledge and experiences to help stand out amongst the other million or so fashion students applying for an internship. Hopefully, by visiting exhibitions, getting involved with workshops this will help me be that little bit more knowledgeable. 

I am sure if you follow my blog over this summer you will see how far I get with my summer goals. Hopefully, at the end of summer I can conclude what goals I managed to complete. What do you have planned for this summer?


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