Saturday, 17 March 2018

Staying Organised At Uni #1

I have really loved using my blog the past 6 months as a place to showcase my ideas, thoughts and creativity. When I started this blog I had the intention to build an online portfolio about me and my work. As you may know, most of my time is spent either in the studio pattern drafting and sewing, or designing and slaving over books and journals in the library. I am a full time student and it really does take up most of my time at the minute as it is my main concentration and focus in life. 

After a few lovely people messaging me asking about my degree, what I do and how I stay motivated I have decided to start a mini series here on my blog all about my experience and tips I have learnt over the first year at uni.

Something I am proud of and am keen to keep consistent and on top of is, staying organised. This is not just a tip for university/ college or school but everyday life. I am one of those who was shocked when I first went to college and university and realised that your grade and marks is purely down to  how well you work, how organised you are and how driven you are. I definitely think staying organised has helped me huge amounts through everyday life and my work, so I thought why not share my tips on here with you.

1. Use a diary or a journal 
Its seems pretty obvious, but it is  something often forgotten about. I mainly use my iPad and my iPhones diary, I keep notes of appointments, lectures and meetings do this so that I have a clear outline of what I have planned out everyday. At uni I have a diary which is a page per day, this is where I can note down my timetable, notes and to do lists. When I come up to busy months with lots of deadlines, I usually print off a calendar (you can find these super easy on google, I use this one). I use these to outline what I need to do everyday running up to my deadline so that I know my time management is also on track. 

2. Use reminders, post it notes and to do lists
For as long as I can remember I have been making reminders on my phone, on post it notes and to do lists. It sounds silly that 'to do lists' could help you keep organised but it really does. Especially if you don't have a good memory- like me. Noting everything down you need to do or remember makes sure you won't be forgetting anything keeping you on track and organised.

3. Have different notebooks and folders for each lectures/ classes
If your course is practical like mine then note taking etc can be minimal some weeks. I often see people writing all their notes for all their different modules in one notebook and keeping them in one folder. I personally find this is a disaster waiting to happen as it is impossible to find those notes again. I would defiantely invest in a notebook and folder for every module minimum. This also leads me onto my next point....

4. An organised filing system 
It took me a few months before I realised that I needed somewhere to store all of my notes, text books, folders etc. I won't lie, for the first few months they were all piled up on my desk and spilling on to my floor, it was a shambles. But, I then purchased myself a trusty unit from Ikea which has helped me stack all my folders on, a home for my printer and all my other sewing bits! This really has helped me stay organised, I know where everything is and I can easily access everything.

5. Turn up to lectures/ meetings/ tutorials and on time!
I really do feel like a nagging tutor writing this but It really is one of the biggest tips to staying organised at university, actually turn up to the lectures and on time. Now I can't lie It is sometimes super annoying dragging myself to uni and commuting nearly a two hour drive for a 5 minute tutorial (I know right!). But, if I did not do this I would fall off track, become sluggish and lose my concentration to stay organised.

I hope these 5 tips help you as much as they helped me out. If you have any other tips or have anything to add please feel free to leave a comment down below or drop me a DM on Instagram. 


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