Monday, 5 February 2018

When In Camden

Camden is one of my favourite places to visit on a weekend away in London. Admittedly, it is ten times nicer when its boiling hot weather and you can sit out in the sun, never the less its a great place to visit in the pouring rain too! I decided to put a little travel post together with a few of my favourite pictures I took from my weekend in Camden (which explains why they are a little miserable and grey as its currently mid February).

Don't get me wrong I love the likes of Notting Hill, Chelsea and Soho, a few places some people would call 'Instagramable'. But I think that it is really nice to get away from the pretty door steps and cute cafes (no digs to cute cafes, I love them too) and see a bit more of the quirky sides of London. The street food is amazing in Camden and after going a few times over the past few years I have managed to try out lots of different street foods. This time me and my mum picked up some hollumi fries they were amazing as well as dutch pancakes which were even more amazing!

Camden has a lot of character and is well known for their gothic, punky vibes that they give off. It is a really cool, quirky place to visit. Not to mention their vintage shops and uniquely owned stalls.  There is  also high-street shops in Camden like Urban Outfitters and All Saints so it is a great place to shop in London that is a little bit quieter than Oxford Street.

Camden is full of street art, everywhere you look their is different unique pieces of art plastered against the sides of buildings. Its an interesting place to stop by and just admire the art work on the streets.

I wanted to quickly point out that the stall here above in this image does the most amazing fresh lemonade in summer and I get one every time. Seems though it is now winter they were serving hot mulled wine which I am sure is equally as nice.

If Camden does not look the place for you or somewhere you'd like to pop along to next time you are in London, then never the less, I hope you enjoyed having a scroll through a few images. 


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