Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Pucker Up This Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, whether you are loved up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or celebrating 'galentines' with your girls. It is a day for love so I hope you have someone near by you, who you love. So, at the beginning of the week I recieved a PR parcel from the company 3ima pronounced 'MEE-NAH'. They have recently brought out a new colour range of their chubby lipsticks as well as releasing a new colour range of their original matte lipsticks and they kindly popped a few in the post for me to give them a try.
Beauty is very new to my blog however, my first ever blog back in 2010 was very beauty orientated so its something I like to experiment with but wouldn't say it is my area of expertise, if you know what I mean. The shades that 3ima sent to me in their  lipsticks were 417,422, 118 and 116. These shades are perfect nudes and vibrant mauves and purples perfect for everyday wear and easy to apply when you're running out of the house.
I loveee how easy to glide on these lipsticks are and how lightweight they feel on. My lipstick draw is 80% liquid lipsticks and I feel the dryness after I have been wearing one all day. I am super happy that I have some now super creamy but still matte lipsticks that I can whip on before I leave the house. They are also super bendable and glide on together allowing me to mix multiple shades at once.
The packaging of these lipsticks and chubby sticks is divine.  A selling item of any product for me is packaging, it means a lot and can determine whether I will pick up a product in a shop. This packaging is sleek and the simplicity is what I love about it. Perfect for university where I can throw it in my bag quickly and whip it on at any time. They are also really affordable which is perfect for any student like me
An absolute bonus of this brand is that they're cruelty free, parabeen free and made in Europe. In the world we live in today I wouldn't expect anything less from a makeup brand, especially a brand that wants to succeed as I do believe it is an important factor to a lot of us- yay to this!



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