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Friday, 26 January 2018

Why I Really Hate Winter


Okay, I said it. I really hate winter. I hate how it's cold, I hate how it's dark, I hate how it never stops raining and I hate how much everyone else hates it! Seriously, is there any other months that is more depressing than January? I feel like December gets covered by the thrill of Christmas where as January has nothing to hide behind, it's cold and I hate it.

It is so hard to feel motivated (I am sure you know) when you're bloody freezing everyday and every night. It is so hard to plan content for my blog when it does not stop raining so I fall into writing more lifestyle posts to get me through the month. I have content planned up until summer but I can hardly step out side in my sandals and tea dress can I?

It is rather amusing I am dedicating a whole blog post to how much I hate the weather but I would totally not be British If I wasn't doing this. If I have to put a positive twist on this however, I can say that the oversized coats that come with the season are the only thing that gets me by, and maybe a new pair of boots (or three). 

I wish February brought us warmer weather but I am being realistic here and I can't wait for April to kick in although, I will be buying my summer dresses and bikini's soon if not now (definitely now).
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