Friday, 5 January 2018

Starting The New Year With Tropic Skincare

Something that I personally want to work on over the next few months especially is my skincare routine. Skincare and makeup in the past few years hasn't been top of my priorities list. I guess you could say a 'new years resolution' I have set myself is to really work on what products I am putting on to my skin.  In November I received a package from Candy Kittens which included a tinted plumping balm from the company Tropic. I had never heard of this company until then. Several weeks later I received a message from the lovely team at Tropic Skincare asking if they could send me a few of their products. 

Tropic are a cruelty free, vegan friendly company using only natural products. It is such a bonus knowing the products you are putting on to your skin are natural and cruelty free! I am very open to using new products but I do find myself going back to my basics and the products I know best. However, after less than a week of using these products I knew I could never go back to my basics again as they were such a game changer. 

Every day since I have received this parcel I have used the smoothing cleanser, It is definately my favourite I have tried so far and goes perfectly with the bamboo hot cloth. It is perfect for removing my makeup and re applying to cleanse my skin. I have also been using daily the skin revive moisturiser to add moisture back into my skin. To finish this off I have been using the vitamin toner all over my face and neck. I love how this toner has a spray bottle so that I can easily spritz myself rather than using a cotton pad and wiping away any moisturiser. 

As well as these 3 daily essentials the team were so kind to send me over a few other products. These were the whipped body velvet, face smooth brightening polish and the super green nutrient boost serum. I love love love mixing the green nutrient boost serum into my moisturiser and using them both as a skin repair, it is honestly amazing. 

The texture of the whipped body velvet is like no other. The consistency feels like mousse which feels so divine when applying to the body. I have also been using the face smooth brightening polish a couple of times a week. This product works amazing focusing on my t-zone and melts away when I remove it with my bamboo hot cloth, it is honestly the most amazing feeling. I have to add all these products smell amazing.

There are so many lovely products over on their site that I am also dying to try. Especially their sun drops gradual facial tanning serum, how amazing does that sound for summer?

If you're interested in shopping for any of their products or finding out anymore about Tropic click here where I will link their website.


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