Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Embracing New Styles

I have never been the one to jump on any trend or try any item of clothing I am 'lusting' over knowing that it will suit me. I like to really think about whether I can 'pull it off' or if I have the stylish lifestyle to go alongside. I have been loving this whole baker boy hat since about November. It is now January when I have finally purchased one. I have no explanation other than I simply questioned can I pull this off? It made me really question what determines if we can 'pull off' certain items. Sometimes garments can be really un flattering for different body shapes so it is understandable why different people determine if they can make it work. I am referring to more simple items that may be a little bit bolder than what we usually go for resulting in us stepping out of our comfort zone!

Anyway, finally I purchased this lovely baker boy style hat from Primark for £4. A good bargain if you're asking me, especially if you're unsure how much wear you will really get from it. Another new purchase this week again from Primark is this heavy grey checked long coat. This coat was in the sale  (how do Primark even have sales?) for only £20.00, another bargain and two new styles that I am really trying to embrace this winter. 

I suppose if we don't try different styles how will we know if it suits us and what the reaction of others may be? Personally my style has really changed, even in the last year, and I believe it will forever keep changing and evolving. I do feel more "put together" wearing a more fitted coat, patent boots and hat. Almost a little more grown up, which makes me feel really confident. Even though this look may not be for you I really embraced it and felt good in it.

Not only this month but this year I want to challenge myself to embrace new styles, new fits and new trends. If I make a disastrous fashion mistake at least I can say I tried it. SO here's to embracing new styles in 2018. 

Coat- Primark (Available in store only)
Baker Boy Hat-  Primark (Available in store only)
Jumper- Topshop
Boots- Topshop 'Hoxton'
Sunglasses- Quay Australia (Topshop)
Handbag- Cara Delevinge Mulberry 



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