Thursday, 1 February 2018

Balenciaga Shaping Fashion Exhibition

If you already follow me on Instagram (if not, you definitely should!) I spent some time this weekend in London. The main reason I wanted to head down to London this weekend was to visit the Balenciaga exhibition, which was held at the V&A. 

When I visited Paris last summer I did a little summary of the Christian Dior exhibition, which I visited while I was there. I personally love that I can quickly refer back to these posts for future inspiration and have a little area on my blog where I can share this.

Firstly, I wanted to say that this exhibition will be ending 18th February, so there isn't long left of this exhibition. I wouldn't be surprised if you're interested in fashion like me if you have already visited this exhibition- it was a pretty good one.

After visiting the Christian Dior exhibition in Paris I thought that any other exhibition I visit from now on  would not be a match. I have to say it was not the same, the Christian Dior exhibition was humongous and you could spend all day there. However, for the scale of this exhibition and the location, it was impressive. 

I really love visiting fashion exhibitions in particular as I think it is really important for my own practice to see eye to eye the garments made by these iconic designers. In this post I have included some of my favourite photos (it is pretty hard to photograph through glass!). I know exhibitions are not for everyone but, never the less you might like a flick through a few pretty pictures!


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