Tuesday, 19 December 2017

My First Term As A Fashion Student

 You may know if you've been reading my recent blog posts I've just handed in my work for my first term at uni. Its been an intense term and I wanted to reflect on how its going in a blog post so that I could look back on it in the future. If you're just starting out uni this might be helpful or similarly, you might just be interested in what I'm up to.

In terms of the blogging and the social media 'world' I feel like there is so many posts about 'why I dropped out of uni' and 'Why I quit Uni for blogging'. Instead of more posts reflecting on what they're enjoying and loving. Luckily, my first year at Uni doesn't count towards my final grade so there is less pressure if I make mistakes that hold me back. However, I have tried my absolute hardest this term so I know I shouldn't be disheartened never the less.

Incase you didn't know  I'm studying BA(Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing and production at The University Of Huddersfield. This term I have completed 4 modules which were, sample development, visual studies, production and History with Contemporary Context. Sample development is primarly my sewing module where I've completed a series of samples a shirt and a skirt. This was seriously challegning but I'm so excited that I'm starting to be able to make my own garments.  My visual studies module is designing, which I'm also really enjoying. History and Contemporary Context was an essay based module split into two parts. Firstly, an annotated image gallery where I talked about the meaning of clothes. The second part was 1,000 words answering whether or not the fashion industry can ever be sustainable. Finally,  I completed a report on production process including my computerised patterns.

 All I can say is WOW!! there was  a lot of work. I thought coming from art college I would be really prepared and know what to expect but I certainly didn't realise I would be starting my days in the library at 7:30am and leaving at 6:30pm so early on in the year. I already know that its going to get more intense as we go into next term but I can't wait. I have to say though, I have enjoyed this first term and I can't wait to get into my marketing module next month as I think this is something I will love. The essays were a shock to the system as I have not put a decent piece of writing together since my GCSE's nearly 3 years ago now (literally).

I'm not sure where next year is going to take me. Hopefully, I can reflect on here so that I have something to look back on for when I eventually graduate.

Thanks for reading, I hope you didn't mind a longer post
Hannah X

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