Saturday, 30 December 2017

My 17 Best Moments of 2017

Recently on social media especially on Instagram I have seen people posting a couple of their highlights from this year. This is a perfect way to reflect on a fabulous year for me and also add in some of my favourite pictures. I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I took a fall yesterday night and currently have one hand to type with (oh the joy) so here are my top 2017 moments.

1. Visiting Berlin with my college friends 

2. Graduating from college with a Distinction

 3. Turning 18

4. Spending my birthday weekend with Jack In London

5. Passing my driving test

6. 1 year anniversary with jack

7. Getting into all 5 Universities I applied for Including London College Of Fashion

8. Seeing one of my favourite bands 

8. Mine and Jacks first holiday abroad 

9. Buying my first designer handbag

10. Visiting Paris with my mum

11. Visiting the Christian Dior Exhibition in Paris 

12. Starting my Blog 

 13. Collaborating with so many different companies for the first time

14. Meeting new friends 

15. Pumpkin Picking

16. Completing my first term at Uni

 17. Snow day with Jack


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