Sunday, 12 November 2017

Buckles And Chains - A/W Touches

Buckles and Chains are two silver hardwares I’m wanting to add to all of my outfits this season. 
Sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? and not very versatile?

Topshop this year are killing it in my opinion which is a good explanation as to why most of my posts recently look like a sponsorship from them! Truth is I just really like Topshop and working there is a bonus because I get most of my stuff at a discounted price.

These ‘Alfie’ boots have been a sell out in the blogging community this past month. They’ve been re created by other brands and are on Ebay for almost double the price. Luckily Topshop are re stocking these like crazy so it’s becoming a lot more easy to get your hands on these boots.

These three buckles on the front of this boot is why I love them so much. Every year I’m searching for the perfect black boot. I’ve already purchased ‘May’ Boot this year which was a more dressed up boot with a heel but ‘Alfie’ is my perfect everyday boot this year.

I’ve also discovered this statement belt again from Topshop. It has two hoops on the belt one back and one front and a chain that you can clip on and off. If you want to see the belt without the chain click here to see another blog post where I feature it.

I love this belt because of how stylish it is and the ‘punk rock’ vibe it gives off. Pairing it with these boots gives the most perfect combination! ASOS have also brought out some similar belts which I also also love, click here to have a look.

Belt- Topshop (Available in stores, similar linked)
Boots- Topshop
Jumper Dress- Last Years Topshop  (Similar Linked)

Thanks for reading, Hannah x

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