Monday, 4 September 2017

Why I Am Obsessed With Faver

If you know me well, you know I am very organised. Whether it's having lists of things I need to do or reminders all around my room. I will never forget to do something as it's usually written down waiting to remind me at any moment soon. As I mentioned a way I keep organised is by making lists. I honestly  make lists for everything and I've been a regular Pinner on Pinterest over the past few years also (click here to check out my Pinterest). I always find this is good way to find inspiration pics and save them for later. However, If you see something you like you then have to hunt the internet for hours trying to find it. 

That's why I am so excited to  introduce to you a new website I have recently discovered called Faver. To give you a short summary of what its all about it is a social site which allows you to create different lists while shopping. When shopping through Faver it also links you straight to the site so you can buy it, instead of seeing something you love and having to spend hours searching for it.

I  am currently adding to my 'wish list' and 'interiors' simply because these are the two things that I scroll through for hours and its lovely to be able to list these and come back to them at a later date. Faver also gets to know you as you shop which means it comes up with more and more suggestions that are similar to your previous searches which helps save your time in the long run, win win!

You can also check out other people's lists which is brilliant. I will definately be having friends and family checking out my 'wish list' before Christmas comes around and hopefully I can do this for my friends too.

You can sign up here through your Facebook. I would love for you guys to connect with me on Faver, click this link here so we can stalk each others lists!

Can't wait to start creating more and more lists, this will definitely be every bloggers go to site and yours too!

Thanks for reading, Hannah x

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