Monday, 11 September 2017

Slingback Heels And Missy Empire

Recently on the high street I have seen an up coming trend of slingback heels. From my experience they're a controversial style. I have heard a lot of customers commenting 'they're for 40+ year olds' and they're '80's style'. However, I personally am in love with this style of shoe. I am particularly drawn to this style of slingback heel as it has a wedge heel. Another popular style for slingback heel are kitten heels click here to view my favourites. I am less drawn to kitten heels as I find them less flattering for the look I am trying to achieve. However a sling back kitten heel with tailored trousers is a perfect combination for a more formal look.

I styled these heels with these *grey pin striped trousers from Missy Empire and a *red off the shoulder top form Missy Empire. I loved this combination as it looked very sleek and classy but the frills on the red top and the cropped style makes it look more fun and an everyday look.

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These slingback heels I chose are from Topshop they're available in black and mustard as well as a lilac leopard print and white. I am obsessed with the mustard shoes as much as I am black but I decided to be more practical and go for black as I thought they would be a lot easier to style.
Check out a close view of these shoes here.

Thanks for reading, Hannah x

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