Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Styling Leopard Print Boots

Betty's Tea Room - York

I love visiting different areas around where I live, one being York. Me and my boyfriend decided to have a day out in York celebrating being together one year. Me being me, I got really excited about the thought of Autumn just around the corner and thought I could get away with my favourite ever knitted dress, turns out I was very wrong. It turned out to be a glorious summers day, which I can't complain about as we're in August.

York Minster

My main focus around my outfit was these leopard print boots. I am so obsessed with them! I managed to pick these up last Autumn from Topshop. I love these boots so much because of how well they pull off the leopard print. I wouldn't of imagined myself before I started college (2 years ago) to ever be wearing such bold shoes. That's because I had no idea at school what my style was, wearing uniform 5 days a week since you were aged 7 doesn't allow you experiment with clothes as much as I wished to. I never found myself shopping all the time until I left college and realised I had to style an outfit every single day, I mean lets be honest not everyday as some days I don't step out of my pj's (oops).

Dress- Bershka
Boots- Topshop
Handbag- Mulberry 
Earrings- Louisa

As well as bringing back last years shoes I am also bringing back this knitted dress. I picked this dress up in Winter last year and did not get the chance to wear it as much as I had wished to, which is exactly why I am bringing it into my wardrobe for A/W this year. This dress is perfect for Autumn to style with any style of ankle boots, because of the neutral colour you can even choose patterend boots like I have here.

When styling leopard print I chose to go with simple block colours as they really are a statement piece to my outfit and wardrobe and I personally wouldn't like to clash patterns. Although I now own two pairs of leopard print shoes you can never have too many so my eyes are open this A/W looking for any more super buys I can add to my collection. I styled this outfit with a black leather jacket which complimented this style of dress however, I never managed to actually wear it as it was so warm!

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Thanks For Reading, Hannah x



  1. I owned a pair of leo shoes couple years back but used them so much that they were no longer at disposal. Ah you made me want new ones after not owning pair in a while.. :)


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