Sunday, 6 August 2017

My Favourite Gucci Dupes

Recently when I have been shopping around the high-street more and more dupes of designer brands keep popping up. I'm all down for dupes as sometimes you're getting items for hundreds of pounds cheaper that still look like a designer brand. Just to clarify if you are unsure what a dupe is; a dupe is a look a like of a designer brand however, it isn't an exact copy of it, it is just a duplicate at a fraction of the price. A fake is an exact copy that claims to be the same as the designer product. Gucci dupes have been in all the high street shops and are definitely the brand the high streets are leaning towards for inspiration this year.

Four of my favourite Gucci dupes are really affordable items that I bought on the highstreet. The first item is this bag which I picked up from Primark for a bargain of £9.00. Unfortunately Primark does not have an online store so it is a matter of luck being able to pick up this bag in store.

I love this bag because of the quality it is. The bag is similar to Gucci it has the bee stitched into it. For £9.00 I think this is an amazing add to any outfit. 

The second item I am loving is this belt from H&M. Another dupe for the famously well known Gucci belt. I am not surprised I am seeing a dupe of this belt on the high street as this product is extremely popular and a much cheaper version at over £230.00 cheaper it's a no brainer why I am obsessing over this. This belt is available online here  for £4.99. However, this is not surprisingly sold out most the time so I would advise to check in store and online regularly for when they get in new stock.

The third and fourth items are these two statement tee's from Topshop. Dupes for the original Gucci t-shirt are in most high street shops today but these two from Topshop are my favourite. I am loving statement t-shirts recently and will be uploading a blog post on how I style them very soon. Click here and here to shop these two t-shirts.

Here are some of my favourite designer pieces all from Gucci and Chloe. 
Click the items to shop. I have seen some amazing dupes for the Gucci sliders here and handbags here

Thanks for reading, Hannah x


  1. Is the Gucci inspired bad still in your local store? I’ve been looking for it since August and haven’t been able to find it in any of my local Primark stores

    1. Its not unfortunately, I've had a few girls ask me about this. I did have it up on my depop @hannahsswood I can re upload if you'd be interested x


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