Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My Most Wanted- Topshop Edition

Topshop Shoes - Gradual

Topshop is my go to store when I know exactly what item I am looking for. I might be slightly biased seen as though I do work at Topshop part- time but I am sure you can all agree Topshop is a go to store for a lot of us. I have put together a list of my most wanted Topshop items at the minute, which I have to admit I have already bought/ intend to buy after pay day. By putting together these collections you can shop my style straight from this page. Also as I am always working with fast fashion and new trends I can bring them straight to this page where you can click and shop without having to scroll down different sites for ages.

This post mainly consists of ruffles, stripes, embroidery and the colour mustard, of which I am sure all of you are aware have been huge this Spring/ Summer. In this collection I have also included new releases of shoes which I am obsessing over. A lot of these garments don't make complete outfits so hopefully I can write up some more blog posts on how I will style certain pieces.
A few of these items will be launching on Topshop's sale on 27/07 so check back on their site if you're interested in any pieces.

Thanks for reading, Hannah x

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