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London College Of Fashion- My Interview Experience

Central London
Today's blog post is all about my experience at  London College Of Fashion. I decided to make this blog post as when I was preparing for my interviews I found minimum information to help me. 
London College of Fashion is listed as the second best University to study fashion in the world. For many fashion students it is a dream to study at The University Of The Arts London. 
The course I applied for was Women's Fashion Design although this information can  help for other courses and universities. 

Your personal statement is your first impression so this needs to be really strong and well thought out. 
The first stage is getting through your online portfolio which will be requested after submitting your personal statement. Depending on the college/ school you're at you can ask for guidance, however I know that if you're not at a specialised art school this may be more difficult.

The online portfolio submission is where they will cut their applicants in half. It is key to only include your best work. You will be asked to upload around 15 images. I learnt this doesn't mean 15 separate pieces of work and you should combine pieces of work and create digital boards. It is important you show off your different skill sets and include colour palettes, drawings, sketch book pages, samples and final outcomes to show your development of skills.
Your online portfolio is almost a digital version of your paper portfolio so it is also possible to take photo's of those. However, I found it made it more professional making them digital.

After you get past this stage you are half way there and will be asked down to London. This is the daunting and most nerve racking part. I have to say this was probably the most nervous I had ever been in my life (and I still wasn't sure it would be my first choice).

What I wore 

You would think that your outfit to a fashion interview would be the most important aspect although, for me it wasn't too important. If i can remember rightly I wore plain black jeans, a white Ralph Lauren shirt and Topshop Embroidered shoes. My day started around 7am and I had roughly 4 hours to travel so I knew comfort was my priority.

What I took with me 

When I went to my interview I took an A1 portfolio with around 12-13 boards. I also took a copy of my digital portfolio and two sketchbooks. I learnt that it is  important to take at least 1 sketchbook as the interviewer likes to see how you layout your work. I didn't take any garments which didn't phase me until I got there. If I was to do this again I would take some garments but this didn't effect me in the end.

Believe in yourself 

I honestly believe the main reason I got accepted was because I had confidence in my own work. I presented myself highly and showed off the work I was really proud of (even though my confidence was knocked before hand when I realised I was the only person without a garment). You shouldn't let anyone talk you out of believing in yourself. I was told at the interview that I should be honoured to be sat where I am because it was such an achievement to even get an interview, this made me believe in myself that little bit more. 

Questions I was asked

Every interview will differ however, there is some guidelines they follow when asking questions such as 'Which designer or artist influences you?', 'Where do you get your inspiration from?', 'How do you keep yourself motivated?' and 'Why this university?'. 
A lot of the time to you will be asked about fashion designers and artists its important to not say designers such as Alexander McQueen (I was told prior I will get asked to leave if I say this). You need to show that you have a genuine passion and this is a lifestyle to you. Also it is important to say you don't only get inspired by fashion designers but cultural events, the news, society etc.

Lastly, I just wanted to finish with the fact that I was in the building around 3 hours waiting and my interview only lasted around 20/25 minutes. For my other interviews this wasn't the case . Don't be intimidated by what other people bring and keep a positive mindset. 

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Hannah x 


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