Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Graduating College

Shoes - Topshop 'Gradual'
Jeans - Topshop Joni
Came top - Zara

Today's post is all about a recent event in my life, I graduated college! 
 The course I graduated from was called the Extended Diploma in Art and Design by the board University Of The Arts London. I finished the course in June with an overall Distinction which means I got into my first choice University, wahoo! 
College was two of the best years of my education, I have finally found something I genuinely love. In my second year I specialised In Fashion/Textiles. This was a huge step for me, as this was the biggest change in my 9 years of my education, but there I was starting my second year sat by a sewing machine (Which i had no idea how to use). I am incredibly pleased with how far I have come in just two years, after having the courage to take the pathway towards fashion.
For my final major project I spent 12 weeks investigating into natural interruption in which I looked at the visual qualities of rust. To do this I explored photography, different media, fabric and concepts. My final outcome was a jacket and a dress alongside a series of images which I styled. 
After a very stressful 12 weeks I actually miss sitting by my sewing machine which makes me even more excited to start university this September. I have included in this post a couple of images of my final garments.

Thank you for reading,
Hannah x


  1. Congrats on graduating college! That's a big deal. I love the first look with the long dress and the fall colors. Burnt orange and mustard yellow is a great combo. Good luck with University.


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