Friday, 28 July 2017


Embroidered items have been a trend for a long time now and they are still going strong. It is pretty much possible to get anything with some embroidery on today. In most high street shops at the minute we can find it on jeans, skirts, tops, bags, shoes and even accessories. 

In today's post I wanted to show you two items which I have been styling regularly and how I can incorporate these bold pieces into my wardrobe. When shopping it is pretty daunting seeing bright coloured stitches coming out of garments and you might often wonder how you would style these garments. 

I know for a lot of people bringing colour and pattern into their outfit is a difficult. Especially for people who mainly wear black. By incorporating these two pieces that I will be talking about today you can still stay on trend but in a comfortable way for you.

Firstly, my go to embroidered piece is this bag from Topshop click here for a direct link. Whenever I go out wearing this bag I get asked every time where it is from. It is such a bright staple piece that can really pull an outfit together. Luckily this bag has come back in stock but usually it sells out pretty fast so I will link some alternative options at the bottom of the page.

When styling this item I tend to pair it with more casual outfits such as trousers and a coloured top or jeans. Mixing colour is good but I wouldn't incorporate different patterns in my outfit when wearing this bag as this is my staple piece of an outfit.  

Secondly, I am obsessed with embroidered shoes. I originally bought these back in February when embroidered pieces were first reappearing on the high street. These are perfect to style with black trousers or jeans. I recently wore these to an interview and was asked several times where I got them from. Topshop have now brought out a newer version of these shoes click here for a direct link.

Thanks for reading, Hannah x


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